Fire TV without YouTube: There's no Winner

There's a lot of power in the tech scene. There are no patent disputes that take place in secret. These are power struggles that the user will feel. This time in the ring: Amazon and Google. Two competing companies that are not afraid to deal blows that really hurt their opponents. Effect hits, directly on the customer.

The current round is about the YouTube app. Google has tons of things in the licensing terms, which ensure that you always and everywhere have the sovereignty over the service.

And now YouTube flies off the Echo Show and worse: the Amazon Fire TV .

The streaming solution that is certainly among the most popular and best-selling in the world. And this solution takes Google to January 1, 2018 YouTube. The video service par excellence. That really hurts and somehow you can not make a winner there.

Warning messages will also be displayed on German Fire TV solutions as of 6/12/17: As of January 1, 2018, YouTube will no longer be available on this device. But there are many other ways to watch your favorite creators and videos.

Viewers lose a video service. Video makers lose revenue and their viewers. Google loses revenue and viewers. Amazon may lose Fire TV customers. And neither of the two companies took the trouble to really introduce themselves to the customer. To apologize for the circumstances. To explain oneself. That's disappointing.

A showdown of this kind has been more frequent. So you just remember 2015. Since Amazon removed the Chromecast and the Apple TV from the range. With Apple, it has been agreed, the Apple TV is available on Amazon and the Prime Video App can be found after an agreement in 2017 on the Apple TV.

And also with Google, there were always quarrels. Remember the times when you had to laboriously load the Prime Video app through the Amazon App Store – which you could only get via Sideload – thanks to Google's rules for the Android system and the desire of Amazon, its own app Store known. On the other hand, Amazon then renounced the sale of hardware from Nest, a Google company and support for Chromecast features by Amazon apps is only given at Amazon Music.

Let's hope that the companies agree. In favor of us, the customer. Because it's not just about money, but about trust in a provider.