For young media starters: KiKA publishes KiKANINCHEN App

Media-interested parents may already know the Elephant App or the Mouse App, with which children learn all sorts of useful things and also with their favorites from the Television can interact. Now, however, the children's channel of ARD and ZDF published its first own app. With the KiKANINCHEN app, children should be able to make their first experiences in dealing with mobile technology without being overwhelmed. The name-giving Kikaninchen acts within the app as a faithful companion for the children.

The setup of the app must already be done together with the parents, also the settings are as usual from the other apps locked by a simple child safety device for the little ones. The app is intended for small and preschool children.

According to a press release by KiKA, "Explorative games, personalized discovery and media-pedagogical valuable experimentation" are the focus of attention.

"The games are child-oriented, they solve the childish desire for freedom, testing and in a positive sense childish noise. It is to be praised that this game world is not a hidden preschool. The app deliberately sets a counterpoint to the strong performance orientation of society, which extends as far as infancy. "- Prof. Dr. med. Sandra Fleischer, DPFA University of Saxony

Furthermore, the app is waiting for the birthday of the child with a surprise. In addition, an AppWecker can be activated, which limits the useful life of the app. During operation, all senses of the child should be required.

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Developer: KiKA of ARD and ZDF