Getting started with the Honor View 10: the new paragon of value for money?

Honor did indeed intend to market the Honor V10 in France and in Europe. With us it will take the name of Honor View 10, the first smartphone of the new range View, which will focus on large screens. Reducing this phone to the size of its display would also be a little reductive as this device is full of resources: power, AI, design and especially value for money, this View 10 has a lot of assets in his sleeve.

Here is the Honor View 10. If we stick to the design, it is difficult to differentiate it from Honor 8 Pro or Honor 7X recently released. We understand each other well, its metal shell, its double rear photo sensor protruding and the antennas (more or less) apparent on the slices of the back of the camera make the whole an object rather pleasing to the eye , but not really original. The View 10 is well in hand, its materials are premium and seem really solid, but we feel that the manufacturer has not really had the time to make efforts on the design of this device, which already looks like two other smartphones. the mark was released earlier in the year.

Efficient design without any risk taking

The grip is however excellent. At her announcement, Honor was particularly proud of the smoothness of her smartphone, less than 7 mm. And it's true that she impresses. Despite its very large screen of almost 6 inches and the size of the hull, this View 10 is not only well in hand but is also rather light. From the point of view of ergonomics, it is easy to see why the manufacturer takes (almost) no risks.

This View 10 is very classic and it's finally all the better. Unlike the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, which he borrows a lot, it has a jack. It also has a USB Type-C plug, but it is not waterproof. On the side of the facade, there is not much to report. The 18: 9 screen is really well integrated. The more fussy may blame him for side edges a little thick. But it's really to quibble. Honor announced yesterday that her fingerprint sensor, placed under the screen – a curious choice given the size of the screen and the device – was covered with a layer of glass. I naively thought that he was under the window of the screen. In fact, it is well separated from the glass. But it is actually covered with glass. It is much less futuristic in real life than during a press conference announcement …

A powerful smartphone that we are promised turned to I.A.

What about the countless promises made by Honor about power and I.A. except that we could not test it properly. The most exciting new software of this phone is its ability to recognize the face of the user with the front camera. A copy of Face ID of the iPhone X that does not say its name. Alas, the feature was not yet implemented on the demo models. It's all right if one could test automatic scene recognition by the I.A. integrated into the camera application (the same as the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, which works really well) or if we could launch Microsoft Translator, an automatic translation application – again present on the Mate 10 Pro – and which uses camera back camera to translate text or characters on the fly.

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With its Kirin 970, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory (expandable with an SD card with a maximum capacity of 256GB), the Honor View 10 data sheet is undeniably exciting. It is even more when it is brought back to its selling price of 499 euros. An unbeatable value for money, especially when compared with that of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, sold 800 euros, with whom he shares the same components. We should note with pleasure that Honor has kept some interesting features of his cousin: the installation of Android 80. Oreo and EMUI 8, support for the dual 4G (the two SIM cards inserted in the device can be used at the same time to capture the 4G) or a very powerful photo sensor.

An outing planned for early next year

Remains now to check all the beautiful promises made by Honor about the I.A. during his lecture yesterday. The meeting is scheduled for January 8, when this ambitious Honor View 10 will be released in France.