iPhone X: If you have close nosy people, you should avoid using Face ID

The Lifehacker website warns owners of iPhone X. The Facial ID face recognition system still has a hard time differentiating the face of the user from that of his family members. It can therefore be foiled by close relatives curious

One of the strong points put forward by Apple to sell its iPhone X by full pallet is the security of the terminal. The Cupertino company turned away from its Touch ID fingerprint sensor, in favor of Face ID, a 3D facial recognition system. Presented as safer, the battery of sensors that serves to identify the face of the user and thus unlock the phone is not infallible.

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Our best enemies

Thus, as pointed out by the American site Lifehacker the Face ID still faces some difficulties when it comes to differentiating your face from that of one of your relatives. And this, whether it's your brother / sister or your children.

At the beginning of last month, Mashable was testing the Face ID by asking monozygotic twin couples to test the facial recognition of the iPhone X. Not surprisingly, the device could not differentiate the twins.

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But not everyone has a twin brother or a twin sister, you say. Several YouTube videos, posted since the release of the phone on November 3, show brothers able to deceive the Face ID of the smartphone of others, and whether they are both adults or that one of them is a child .

The young shoots, since we talk about it, can also unlock the phone of their parents. This video is about a child who can fool the face ID of his mother's iPhone.

Apple has split a statement to explain that under 13 years, the features of a child's face are not all developed. Tim Cook's company said users under the age of 13 should not rely on the Face ID to secure their iPhone.

Story that you do not fall into paranoia as soon as you meet a member of your family, especially as the holidays approach the end of the year, know that Face ID improves with time. The more you use it, the less your loved ones can get around it. But anyway, if you have information that you want to keep secret, we advise you to put a good old password to stay calm during the Christmas meal.