Nvidia Shield Android TV with Games from Nintendo (unfortunately currently only in China)

A partnership, as many owners of Nvidia Shield Android TV probably want in this country: Nvidia and Nintendo have in common Thing to heave games for the Nintendo Wii on the shield. But the whole thing unfortunately has a huge catch. Unfortunately, this cooperation only affects the Chinese market. There Nvidia confirmed on its Chinese website already that titles such as "New Super Mario Bros. Wii", "The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess" and "Punch-Out !!" are available on the Nvidia Shield Android TV.

There were rumors about this partnership at the beginning of 2017, but they sounded so strange that they quickly disappeared. Now we have been taught a better. Nvidia even says that the games will also be available in 1080p – so they should probably shine in better quality than on the Wii. By the way, at the beginning (see screenshots) the availability as a stream via GeForce Now was mentioned. However, Nvidia has since corrected itself: It should actually act in the Nintendo Games native ports.

That surprises me: If the games are really downloadable in the end, you can certainly imagine what the next step might be. So it seems to me obvious that the files are extracted by hobbyist and fired into the dark spaces of the Internet. Because even in the West, many owners of a shield are likely to lurk on games of Nintendo on their box to gamble. Surprisingly, Nvidia and Nintendo are not playing it safe. For the titles of Nintendo are supposed to be complete portals for download.

In addition to the titles already mentioned, other Nintendo games for the Nvidia Shield Android TV will later be added – including "Super Mario Galaxy". Even though we currently have nothing to do with this partnership in the West, it is an exciting sign. Because Nintendo is extremely picky, which concerns co-operation and / or the offer of the own marks on other platforms. Nintendo was heavily branded in the 1990s by its turbulent collaboration with Philips in the CD-i.

Apparently, Nvidia is considered a worthy partner. This is not surprising, after all, Nvidia also supplies the SoC Tegra X1 for the Nintendo Switch. This is exactly the same SoC, which is also in the shield. It will be interesting to see if in the future Nintendo titles for the shield could be offered in the West. Unfortunately, this is unlikely for the time being.

(via Daniel Ahmad)