Ridley Scott wants to make a new Alien but without too many aliens

Alien: Covenant disappointed and yet, he should not mark the end of a saga much appreciated in the world. With his $ 100 million budget for "only" 240 million revenue generated at the Box Office, Ridley Scott's achievement has failed to achieve the goals that were his, despite a craze still intact among moviegoers.

In writing, we are a little divided on the subject even if, personally, I was rather laudatory about the film when it came out and I still think that this is a good episode of the franchise.

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Androids as future stars?

Asked to answer several questions a few weeks before the release of his new feature film "All the money in the world" at the Entertainment Weekly mic, the 80-year-old English director was asked about the future of Alien saga. And his answer is astonishing:

We will make another one. I think what we need to do is move us away from everything Alien. For the previous, I was told to put more, more face-hugging and more chest-bursting, so I put a lot in Covenant and it worked very well. But I think that if we go back, we'll have to find another solution that will be much more interesting.

David should be (again) the big star of the next album

What Ridley Scott is saying is that the next Alien should focus more on one of his antagonists, the Android David and so on artificial intelligence. The Xenomorphs would therefore not really be the "stars" of the next episode to the detriment of robots and their desire for autonomy. Finally, this statement can only make sense to us when we know that Ridley Scott imagined the Aliens franchise at the same time as Blade Runner and that he has several times implied that the two sagas took place in a common universe. Maybe one day we will see a cross-over between the two films, which would be, frankly, completely crazy.

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