Amazon Echo Plus: Firmware 595479920 regulates the bass

If you call an Amazon Echo Plus your own, then you can even see if the firmware has already been updated to version 595479920. You can find the current firmware in the Alexa app or on the web in the settings of a device under Info. Amazon currently distributes the current version 595479920 for the Echo Plus, which should provide among other things for a better sound in the bass range. Amazon has not yet officially released the changelog, but users say they hear the difference clearly.

One of our readers said, for example, that he experiences more bass during his fall asleep (thunderstorm). That sounds better and stronger after the firmware update. Furthermore, the sleeptimer does not stop abruptly anymore, instead the sound slowly fades.

If you do not have the new firmware yet, you'll either have to wait, or you'll try a reset of the echo.

So if you have an Amazon Echo Plus version 595479920, then start telling us how to make the bass adjustment. Pleasant and strong – or annoying roar?

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