Google removes Chrome apps from the search results in the Web Store

We reported back in 2016 that Google is fixing its scissors on Chrome apps in the browser. Now things are progressing a little more stringently in this respect. For example, Google has sent an e-mail to developers of such apps. From the first quarter of 2018, the Chrome Apps on Windows, Linux and Apple Mac to deny the service. As a replacement, Google provides the Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). These are web apps that can be installed and launched from the desktop. However, even before the official launch of the PWAs, the previous Chrome apps will soon no longer be listed in the search results in the Web Store.

In this regard, Google wants to move even before the end of 2017 a switch. The support for inline installations will then be eliminated. For the time being, the Chrome apps will still appear in the results of search engines. Deeplinks on the dedicated store pages will continue to allow installations. However, Google already claims that the old Chrome apps can no longer be found by browsing the Chrome Web Store.

Completely the support for the Chrome Apps but only disappear, if the PWAs are really available. This should be the case at a time not yet clearly defined 2018. Originally Google spoke of "early 2018". Meanwhile, it is already admitted, however, that the schedule will probably shift back several months.

In addition, Google admits developers that the PWAs can not replace all the features of Chrome Apps. That's why we're looking for ways to make it easier for developers to make the transition using special APIs for Chrome Apps – such as the sockets, HID, and Serial APIs. Again, Google can not come up with details and just hope.

In the end, Google emphasizes that you do not consider the current form of Chrome Apps as future-proof. The switch to PWAs must take place and it is hoped that the procedure will run smoothly for both developers and users. Anyway, removing Chrome apps from search results in the Web Store soon is the next step in the direction of transition.