Instagram experiments with separate messenger for Instagram Direct

Curious things are happening on Instagram. After you are not afraid to copy functions of other social networks easy, you now seem to want to repeat a game on Instagram, which has already been successful on Facebook: The removal of the messagiung function and the outsourcing into its own app. According to The Verge, Instagram Direct is due to be released in some countries today, but is still in an experimental phase.

If you install the separate app for Instagram Direct, you can even send private messages via them, access via Instagram itself is then no longer possible. So a procedure, as you could also watch on Facebook Messenger when it was removed from the main app.

The new app consists of three screens, it opens in the camera view, so you can start right away. On the left side you can find his profile and on the right side his conversations. There are no features yet that you could not even do through Instagram itself.

There are exclusive filters that – oh wonder – remind you even more of Snapchat. For example, a huge mouth placed in the middle of the face. And there's a nice app change, a swipe leads to Instagram or the Direct app, depending on which one is currently in. Instagram Direct is now available in Chile, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Uruguay.

At the beginning I mentioned that this is strange. Not without reason. Instagram has just taken a big step towards messaging this week. You can now link the Facebook messenger directly with your Instagram account, so you no longer need a Facebook profile for the use of the messenger and can also save the registration by mobile phone number.

Why Facebook should opt for a third messenger app (next to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp ) does not make sense to me. That could also be realized via the messenger. But the app for Instagram Direct is also still in an experimental stage, maybe you find out there that you already have a suitable product.

Everyone will remember the outcry when Facebook disconnected Social Nertwork and Messenger. The end of the song? Messenger has more users than ever before. Similarly, it could also run on Instagram. Short cry (as always with changes, stories anyone?) And then full throttle for user growth.

Are you using Direct's Instagram feature? After all, make 375 million users a month, the use of Direct was driven by the story feature that drives users to fast reactions via Direct. So there is already a basis for another Messenger, would you rather welcome that?