Pokémon GO: App reveals new item, new moves and more

Yesterday we already reported a major update for Pokémon GO. In the future, the weather also plays a role in the game, provides attack bonuses or makes certain Pokémon types appear more frequently. In addition, there are 50 new Pokémon, more will follow in the next few weeks. The Android version of the game (0.85.1, current Play Store version is 0.83.3) reveals more details on what players can expect in the future. A new item was discovered, new combat teams, a new combat log, new attacks and a few internal changes.

Exciting is the new item, called "Star Piece". It should be a booster similar to the lucky eggs, except that the user just gets more stardust instead of XP. In keeping with this, the ice also appears in packs of 8 and 25, so you can assume that you can buy this for coins in the shop. Stardust is needed to make the Pokémon stronger, generally in short supply, as would such an item already located.

New combat teams are also available, they are already usable. The Battle Teams have been in previous APKs before but are now available. Fighting is also the topic of the new Battle Log – during a fight, it is better shown whether attacks are effective.

Also for the weather there is news again. For example, Pokémon GO can distinguish four levels in clouds. In addition, the app will probably warn if you get into a storm. Certainly you should not expose yourself to unnecessary dangers while playing.

10 new moves for Pokémon are also new in the app. It is unclear whether these are only for the new Pokémon of the third generation, or these are also distributed on existing Pokémon.

Uninteresting for the user, are the new debugging options that were added with the update. Interesting is also the absence of clues, namely a Christmas event. There is still time and you can probably assume that there will be bonuses again this year over the holidays, but so far nothing has been seen.

What do you say about the innovations? The right way to motivate the player to go on and on the hunt for the little monsters?