Polar V800: the GPS watch with heart belt at 249 €

The Polar V800 GPS watches delight athletes who want to know more about their performance and progress. The complete promotional kit on Amazon also includes a heart belt.

Do you practice several sports (or even triathlon) and look for a GPS bracelet that can follow you in your sports performance in a precise and continuous way? The wristwatch set Polar V800 + heart belt H10 has something to hold your attention, and its sacrificed price is not the only reason.

bracelet with very complete functionalities

The Polar V800 is not the most recent of the brand's branded bracelets since it was released in 2015, but even today, it remains difficult to make a more complete object . In its aluminum case with some touches of stainless steel and adorned with scratch-resistant glass, the V800 is far from fragile.

The strength of the GPS watch is to be able to follow different activities during one session, making it ideal for triathlon. Thanks to different training plans (5 / 10km / half-marathon), its real-time guide and synchronization with the Polar Flow app, it's easy to go back over its course and its performances. The GPS function makes it possible to trace its course and even to plan one with the route import function (GPX files).

Thanks to its improved electrodes, the Polar H10 heart rate sensor is the most reliable company. Compatible with leading fitness training apps, fitness & weight machines, and many other Bluetooth devices, it continues to improve with software updates. The 5 kHz transmission even allows you to control your heart rate in the water (only in conjunction with chest strap). The new model is more comfortable with its soft fabric, non-skid silicone studs and safety buckle.

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