Portal does not return in a third episode but in the form of a spin-off

It's through a trailer that the German publisher Headup Games told us the unexpected news: Portal is back … In a bridge construction simulator. Indeed, the next installment of Bridge Constructor opts for a theme with Aperture Science sauce.

While many players are familiar with the universe of Portal which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, fewer are likely to know Bridge Constructor . Developed in 2012 by ClockStone and edited by Headup Games, this building game offers, as the name suggests, solve puzzles by building all kinds of bridges. With a small success, Bridge Constructor declined in some spin-offs like Bridge Constructor Medieval in 2014 or Bridge Constructor Stunts last year .

For our next test, let's build a bridge

This time it is the turn of Portal to invite itself in this saga for amateur architects. Yes, you read that correctly, Portal . One of Valve's licenses, which, alongside Half-Life, has still not managed to find the number 3. And no, this crossover is no more stupid than that between Payday 2 and Goat Simulator .

Needless to say, the announcement of the return of GLaDOS, quantum portals, depressive turrets or white panels of Aperture Science through a bridge building game did not please fans at all. Chell. The latter hastened to pull out the forks and torches of the cupboard (which they had just put away after the scandal of Star Wars Battlefront II ) and went to express their discontent vis-à-vis of Valve on social networks. It must be said that the Bellevue studio has not communicated, as usual, this unexpected declension.

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Be that as it may, Bridge Constructor Portal will always ask you to pass a vehicle from point A to point B. A little subtlety here is GLaDOS who gives orders and you will need to use gates and gels blue and orange to reach the other end of the way, while avoiding the turrets and other traps. The title will be released on December 20 on PC, iOS and Android. The PS4, Xbox One and Switch versions are expected for the beginning of next year.