Sony MDR-1A: the 99 € headphones only

If you are looking for a comfortable wired headset with a high resolution sound, the Sony MDR-1A and its sold-out price is for you

The hi-fi is a whole world. Put your finger in the gear and you will be dragged into the machine, looking distraught for the most perfect sound reproduction possible. Beautiful introduction, the headphones of Sony is an opportunity to try it without emptying his bank account.

A rich and detailed sound

For having had the Sony MDR -1A on the ears, we can say that with a frequency response of 3 Hz to 100 KHz its main asset is an exact reproduction of the bass. Few helmets go down as low as 3 Hz, knowing that the lowest frequency audible by the man is between 20 and 40 Hz. It is therefore particularly precise on this helmet.

The Sony Sony MDR-1AB helmet in profile, with its detachable cable

Proud for its lightness and comfort, the helmet is a little cloud on the head, but not only. With unique responsive liquid Crystal Polymer diaphragm technology for clarity and Beat Response Control technology that reduces dynamic bass distortion, optimal sound reproduction is achieved. Thinking of the most nomadic of us, Sony includes two cables, including one with microphone for the hands-free. Foldable earpieces enhance helmet portability.

Built-in DAC for high-resolution file playback

Helmet compatible with new Hi-Res standard that attempts to win ; this one is supposed to offer a better reproduction of the sound thanks to upsampling . Sony explains it better than us: "By converting analog to digital music at a higher frame rate than CDs (24-bit / 192kHz instead of 16-bit / 44.1kHz), high-resolution audio brings you closer to closer to the original studio recording conditions and allows you to enjoy your music just as the artist had thought. "It's not obvious in the ear, but to get closer to perfection, it's the ideal

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