Vodafone Disables Analogue TV and Radio

Wherever digitality comes, analogy sometimes has to give way. Also Vodafone wants to cut old analog braids and provide according to their own statements in the coming years, a third of all Germans with gigabit speeds. For this purpose, one would like to invest heavily in the Vodafone fiberglass network. The goal: Gigabit speed for 12.6 million households in the 13 cable federal states. The prerequisite for this is the full digitization of the entire cable network, which frees up the frequencies used for analog TV and radio.

This creates space for future Internet access and offers previous analogue customers a larger selection of TV and radio stations in digital picture and sound quality.

As of summer 2018, Vodafone will gradually redesign all regions in the cable distribution area to full digitization. Already on January 9, the Düsseldorf-based communications group is testing the conversion in the pilot region of Landshut and Dingolfing. According to Vodafone, for Vodafone's unrestricted digital TV and radio broadcaster Vodafone's subscribers will incur no additional monthly costs.

In order to make the best possible use of the freed-up capacities in the fiber optic network, Vodafone reorders the transmitters. Also, the frequencies used for the Internet are affected by the re-allocation, as the company communicates. Many digital receivers and cable routers perform these fully automatically – provided that the devices are not disconnected from power during the night of the changeover. Vodafone customers who use a CI + module or do not find the usual channels, simply start the channel search.

If the cable router does not automatically connect to the Internet after the switchover, the device can be restarted by simply switching it off and on again. During the transition, cable customers can not watch TV, make phone calls or access the Internet for a short time via their connection. Vodafone recommends using the mobile phone in emergencies. In the pilot region Landshut and Dingolfing, in which Vodafone is testing the full digitization first, the change takes place on January 9 in the time window 0 to 6 o'clock.