We asked some questions to Jérémie Périn and Laurent Sarfati, the creators of the Lastman series

After a discreet broadcast last year on France 4, the animated series Lastman which is placed before the cartoon of Bastien Vivès, Balak and Michael Sanlaville, finally arrives on Blu-ray and DVD. History of doing things well in the run-up to the holiday season, Wild Side even splits a collector's box full of additional content and goodies . On our side, we thought that the opportunity was good to go ask some questions to Jérémie Périn and Laurent Sarfati, the brains behind this animated series for adults.

Journal du Geek: The series has finally come out on DVD and Blu-ray, can you come back on the development of Lastman ?

Jérémie Périn: What is surprising is that the series was not difficult to mount, because it is always the b ***** to mount a series.

Laurent Sarfati: It was rather easy to start because we had only green lights.

J. P. : On the other hand, it was difficult to finish. It took rushe the end to be broadcast in time on France 4. And again, everything was broadcast in express, in four weeks, with evenings of 6 to 7 episodes.

brs. : In fact, the fires went red quite late in the prod '. For a long time, we were sure everything was fine, and we thought we had a lot more money than that. (Laughs)

J. P. : Be that as it may, the series had a very short and discreet life in terms of diffusion. Only insiders and a few lucky ones have heard about it and had the opportunity to follow it. That's why it's great fun that it comes out in Blu-ray and DVD. What's more, in crazy editions. It feels like you're finally being taken seriously.

Why did you turn to adult animation? And above all, why choose the universe of Lastman ?

J. P. : The animation for adults has always pleased us, because we want to make cartoons that we would like to see, simply. I have trouble putting myself in the shoes of a child. In any case, a child imagined by television channels, because my inner child is clearly not the same.

brs. : It must be said that the child of television channels does not exist.

J. P. : The problem is that every time we proposed an original thing, we were refused.

brs. : We were told: "Yeah that's great, I've never read something like that … We're not going to do it. (laughs)

J. P. : And then we were approached to make Lastman . France Télévisions was not only interested, but it was behind the project. We did not need to convince a chain. For the record, I did not want to do it at the beginning and what convinced me to change my mind is that we had to tell another adventure than that of comics.

brs. : It was a request from the authors of the manga to make a prequel because they did not want to tell the same story. It bothered them. They wanted to become spectators and discover their universe that continues to live. It was from that moment that we thought it was done for us.

Was it complicated to imagine a prequel to Lastman ?

J. P. : Not especially.

brs. : In fact, the Lastman universe lends itself well to exercise, as there are so many doors and windows open, question marks left here and there that had matter to work. What was really difficult was to force [thewritersof Lastman ed.] To fix things that were unclear to them, and that arranged them to be unclear. Ask them for example: "Who is this character? Where does Richard come from? Why is he here? It forced them to ask the question, and they were helped to answer these questions. I think, in all modesty, that it really improved the quality of the universe Lastman .

How do you envisage the future of Lastman in animation?

J. P. : For once, the answers will be different. Personally, I do not see a future for Lastman in series. Not that I am opposed to the idea, not being the rightful one, I do not have my word to say, but I do not see what one can tell of other. The Valley of the Kings does not interest me, I do not necessarily want to show it. Especially since I do not like the heroic fantasy .

L. S.: This is also why the first season does not happen in the Valley of the Kings. (Laughs) For me, it takes a season 2 to make Lastman a series. Honestly, series that have only one season crush my heart. I had fun doing Lastman and I really want to do the following.

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