You can already forget The Old Republic for the new Star Wars trilogy

It was the great will of the fans. As soon as a new Star Wars trilogy was announced almost a month ago, everyone began to hope that the director in charge of the project, Rian Johnson, is working on an adaptation of the video game and novels dedicated to The Old Republic.

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A wish that will not be granted

It is true that we did not see anything more logical as this part of the History of Star Wars is appreciated by admirers of the saga. Knight of the Old Republic, often called KOTOR, portrayed the events that brought about the first civilizations of the galaxy, the Jedi Order, and Shi'ism with the first Sith lords. Clearly, the origins of the saga we know now and which led to the birth, including Darth Vader or Sheev Palpatine.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The problem is that Rian Johnson, although he confessed in our recent interview "want to listen to the fans" apparently does not want to go in that direction for the new trilogy:

I know they love KOTOR. I played the game when it came out and we can say that yes, I loved it too. Yes, it's a fantastic game. And I understand this instinct to go automatically to something we know and love, and have already seen. What is really fun in all this is this notion of all the new things we are going to discover, new stories that we will tell. The possibility of a new story told on three films, go where you want, do what you want, within Star Wars …. Is not it exciting?

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So you have to start doing it already: the next Star Wars trilogy, which we should not discover before, at least 2020 (after the episode nine planned for 2019), will not deal with the Old Republic . A real disappointment or proof that we are also heading for something completely new?