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Samsung Gear IconX Earbuds Review 2017

Technology can help you get in shape with different bracelets, smart watches or bands that are placed on your chest, but how would you integrate similar functions into a headset? This is precisely what the Samsung Gear IconX offers.

Samsung is not the first company to try to add intelligence to hearing aids, but IconXs look and feel great, and promise to have features that many active people could enjoy. In addition, they are fully wireless – each hearing aid is separate from the other, but the two are synchronized to provide a stereo experience.

In addition, the Gear IconX have sensors to take your heart rate while you use them and have 4GB of internal storage that allows you to store music to play without having to charge another device when you exercise.

But Gear IconX headphones can also connect to the new Samsung Gear Fit 2 wristband or to your cell phone to play music you have stored on those devices or, for example, you can stream music from your cell phone using Spotify or another service.

Gear IconX also has sensors that allow you to calculate the distance and speed you travel when you are running, and integrate a voice guidance system that tells you, for example, when you reach a mile of travel.

Since the headset does not have a screen so you can visualize your performance and physical activity history, Gear IconX syncs with the Samsung S Health app so you have all your information stored there. Even if you have the Gear Fit 2 or the Gear S2, you can synchronize all information with S Health to provide greater precision in the data and without duplicating them.

In addition, Gear IconX hearing aids can be synchronized with other apps, such as Endomondo, Runkeeper, MapMyRun and Strava. Hearing aids can also sync your information with devices running Android 4.4 or higher.

Samsung Gear IconX case

Gear IconX also has a sound canceling system to give you a good experience when listening to music. The headphones also integrate an ambient mode that allows outside noise to enter so you can stay alert when you are running down the street.

As if this were not enough, the Gear IconX also includes a microphone to make calls or answer them by simply touching the outside of one of the hearing aids. In addition, the outside of the headset also functions as a touchpad that allows you to turn up / down the volume, skip songs and pause or play music by simply swiping your finger or tapping on the outside of one of the headphones.

The headphones have a carrying case where you can recharge the hearing aids by placing them inside. Samsung ensures that this can offer up to two additional full loads.

How long does the hearing aid battery last? Samsung says Gear IconX can last up to 3.5 hours of use by taking all physical activity measurements while listening to music that is stored internally. If you use Gear IconX as a Bluetooth headset to stream music, Samsung ensures that the headset give about an hour and a half battery.

Price and availability

Samsung Gear IconX hearing aids will be available in three colors (white, black or blue) in the third quarter of the year for $199. But if you can’t afford them you should check out these reviews of earbuds and they’re under $50.

First impression

The Samsung Gear IconX promise a lot. Although not the only ones of its kind on the market, the features they integrate and their design make them one of the most attractive and advanced you could consider today. In addition, although they are not economical, their price of US $ 199 does not make them too expensive for what they offer.

During the time I could try them, I found they are really light and comfortable, but the main concern is the battery life which, while adequate for such a small device, can prove to be a problem for people who exercise For extended periods of time.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review [Features and Specs]

Samsung Galaxy is a brilliant brand name in the world of Smartphone. Its’ every upcoming model makes the people anxious to get it even before its launch. Same is the case with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It is a perfect Smartphone for the individuals who want a well-shaped and beautiful display. It has been specially designed for millions of the users who are fond of taking selfies and of course you are no exception. Let’s have a look at its features and Pros and Cons to make its clear picture on the mind.

Salient Features & Specs

  • It has a slim design, and the rear of the phone is in 3D Thermo Forming means the rear curved part of the phone that makes it comfortable for you to hold it in your hand. So, the chances are small for it being dropped down from your hand by mistake.
  • For being IP68 rated, it can work even if you put it in water for about half an hour at 1.5 meters depth. It is waterproof because Samsung cares for your bathing, swimming and water-gaming activities and does not want you to go away from your calls even during your these activities.
  • Its microSD slot is more powerful as compared to its predecessor. Ordered a Samsung Evo Plus 128GB MicroSD card on but didn’t receive it and cancelled the order, wireless phone accessories for Samsung products should only be bought from original sellers i.e. Samsung, I only found CellularBarn as a trusted wireless phone accessories seller on internet, they shipped my ordered item on the same day. loved their service.
  • Its display is 5.5 inch and has a powerful battery inside.
  • The front covering has less quantity of metal. So, you feel like you are tapping on the Gorilla Glass 4 casing that is quite substantial. Hence, it is so lightweight that it makes you feel like you are touching a plastic-made surface.
  • Its high-quality mono speaker is louder as compared to the speakers of any other Smartphone.
  • Its resolution 2,560 x 1,440 makes it distinguished among other Smartphone.
  • The 12-megapixel main camera gives you the best quality photos, and 5 Megapixel rear cam allows you to capture memorable selfies.
  • It contains a 4GB RAM and 3600mAh battery (non-removable).
  • It’s running on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) TouchWiz user interface.
  • You get a huge internal storage of 32GB that is a full room for your photos and documents.
  • Its dimensions include 150.9 mm length x 72.6 mm width x 7.7 mm thinness.
  • It contains microUSB v2.0 port and Bluetooth V4.2.
  • The Super AMOLED technology used by Samsung in it makes it a premium device and thus, the colors of display do not irritate your eyes.
  • The color contrast ratio is sensational because when you are using this ratio in a balanced way, the pixels are not turned on.
  • Its “Side Display” feature is an additional benefit that is worthwhile. You are only one swipe away from your contacts book, Tools and News.
  • It is available in a variety of colors like Black, Silver, White and Gold.


  • Its’ 12 Megapixel camera gives you a great feeling while capturing photos in all kinds of conditions.
  • The outstanding design is another plus point.
  • Its’ vibrant and attractive display adds another point to its favor.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • The best smartphone if you want to capture pictures in dark locations.
  • The camera included the technology that is used in DSLR cameras and thus, it enhances the focus timing of the camera if you want to capture the pictures of moving things.


  • Sometimes the user finds minor issues while using TouchWiz user interface.
  • You may find the screen too much reflective.
  • There is no infra-red port in it.
  • Your fingers leave their prints on its backside.


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